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Re: wind gust response

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If its a residential tower, accelerations can be real important in occupant
comfort and habitability.  Its the drink sloshing out of your glass and
sea-sick in bed problem.  Some folks - especially the ones who pay a lot of
money for a High-rise apartment - seem to sense almost any motion.  Have you
included end sizes and what not to refine your stiffness model?  30 stories
is just getting into the tall building category.  In the end, if your
exposed to the wind and you think there is a problem, the advice you got on
wind tunnel modeling for strength and habitability is probably the soundest.
You can probably model the structure but the wind and environment is a


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> By preliminary, I meant that it was based on the preliminary results of my
> model. Sorry for the confusion in wording.
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> > > > I have a building whose preliminary fundamental frequency
> > > is rather high
> > > > (about 5.5 seconds for a 30 story building).
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> > Not to pick nits, but should this be called the "fundamental period" of
> > the
> > building?
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