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RE: building demolition trough implosion by explosives

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I have worked on several projects requiring building implosion.  I would use
Controlled Demolition Inc.  I do not
think they have an equal.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: building demolition trough implosion by explosives

Dear Sirs,
 I would send you from Italy a big hello and my best wishes for your jobs.
My name is David Cavazzini and I am an engineer too.
I'm very interested in building demolition trough implosion by explosives. I
am interested to all the aspects of this tecnology:  tecniques, explosives,
structural approach,  explosives positioning, cost analisys and so  over.
Can anyone recommend some  good texts that deals with the matter?
Also, is there a rule of thumb in your country that is generally used for
kind of works and for the estimated
demolition costs and the design fee?
Thanks a lot for your attention and excuse me for your time wasting (and for
the object perhaps "off topics").
Best Regards

Ing. L.David Cavazzini
Via Anfossi 2 - 35129 Padova