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RE: Parking Garage

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I'm not sure about a text but I have designed several parking decks in
South Florida.  One of the best regional methods of construction for
this type of construction would be with a system developed by
"CastCrete".  It consists of prestressed concrete joists and girders
(only the positive moment steel and shear stirrups are imbedded in the
lower portion of the beam leaving 75% exposed).  In addition, the joists
have the top 3-4" of shear stirrups exposed.  The joists have small
holes in the side and are typically spaced at 4'-4" o/c (4" wide
joists).  This allows for pins to be inserted and a full sheet of
plywood to be used as a slab form.  The girders are supported on
scaffolding, the joist ends are supported on the girders.  The engineers
job is to call at the horizontal shear reinforcement at the end of the
joists, slab reinforcement, and the negative moment reinforcement.  This
is installed at the job site.  Standard masonry shearwalls and columns
can also be used for support.  

I recommend contacting the company directly. They will be happy to
supply you with span tables and literature on how to design these type
of structures.  I have designed 5 story university buildings for Florida
State which contained 24" floor steps in the lecture halls.  The system
is actually more versatile than standard concrete construction and ends
up with the same benefits of rigidity required for hurricane protection.

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Subject: Parking Garage

We may have the opportunity to design a 3-story concrete parking garage
one of our clients.  I have not been involved in the design of one
and look forward to the learning opportunity.  Whether we would do the
complete layout and design or only the structural design has not been

Can anyone recommend a good text that deals with parking garage designs,
especially the connection details?

Also, is there a rule of thumb that is generally used for the estimated
construction cost and the design fee?  The project is located in Florida

David Finley, P.E.