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RE: wood roof venting

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Title: RE: wood roof venting

What depth of insulation are you using?  If the insulation is up to about 6 inches, you could use 2x4 or 2x6 blocking on the flat just beside the ridge vent. Top of 2x at underside of plywood.  This won't block the flow of air (much) and should give you a fair bit of meat to nail to.

> quick question for the group. we do mostly commercial so I'm
> a little rusty
> on wood residential here in Ca. Vaulted ceiling, 2x12
> rafters, 4x ridge
> beam. blocking drilled at eaves for vents. If there is a
> cont. ridge vent,
> how do you nail off plywood sheathing for diaphragm action???
> thanks
> matt jordan