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RE: Parking Garage

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There is a bok by PCI "Parking Structures: Recommended Practice for Design
and Construction"  This book gives you the funtional part of Parking Design
(Architectural) as well as the structural approach recommended.

Ïn North Fl.  I've seen a method by PSi, Inc.  Prestressed Systems Inc.  In
which the joints are minimize. It is partially P/S for positive moments and
regularly reinforced for Live Load. Its a system of P/S joists and Soffit
Beams  Try 813-621-3937 or 1-800-432-8712 (these are old numbers and might
be changed by now)

Good luck

Jose M. Mendez

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Subject: Parking Garage

We may have the opportunity to design a 3-story concrete parking garage of
one of our clients.  I have not been involved in the design of one before
and look forward to the learning opportunity.  Whether we would do the
complete layout and design or only the structural design has not been

Can anyone recommend a good text that deals with parking garage designs,
especially the connection details?

Also, is there a rule of thumb that is generally used for the estimated
construction cost and the design fee?  The project is located in Florida

David Finley, P.E.