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Containment Steel

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I have a project with 18" diameter caissons.  In calculating the
containment steel per 1921.4 equation 21-4,  I get Ash=0.18 in^2 for a
4"oc spacing. I believe that I meet this with a #3 hoop.
The definition of Ash; 

Ash= total cross-sectional area of transverse reinforcent ( including
crossties ) within spacing, s, and perpindicular to dimension hc.

A hoop has two legs perpindicular to hc both of diameter 0.1 in^2.  Now
according to the definition, cross-ties may also be inculded.  So if a
hoop with two legs is not correct than two seperate cross ties would
satisfy this requirement ??
Then if I go one step further and calculate the pitch of spiral ties I
get the same answer of #3 at 4".  

Or is the code asking for a hoop of diameter Ash ?


Robert Shaffer, P.E.

Robert Shaffer,  P.E.