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Re: building demolition trough implosion by explosives

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A good text book on this topic is:

Charles H. Dowding, CONSTRUCTION VIBRATIONS, Prentice Hall, 1996.

You can purchase the book through ISEE (but I'm not sure if you can order
it online or not).

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Cleveland, OH  44139 USA
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web page:

You might also find some helpful information from Prof. Dowding's web page at:

I hope this gets you started.

Walter Sawruk
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At 11:27 PM 30-07-1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Sirs,
> I would send you from Italy a big hello and my best wishes for your jobs.
>My name is David Cavazzini and I am an engineer too.
>I'm very interested in building demolition trough implosion by explosives. I
>am interested to all the aspects of this tecnology:  tecniques, explosives,
>structural approach,  explosives positioning, cost analisys and so  over.
>Can anyone recommend some  good texts that deals with the matter?
>Also, is there a rule of thumb in your country that is generally used for
>kind of works and for the estimated
>demolition costs and the design fee?
>Thanks a lot for your attention and excuse me for your time wasting (and for
>the object perhaps "off topics").
>Best Regards
>Ing. L.David Cavazzini
>Via Anfossi 2 - 35129 Padova