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RE: [used to be] Channels - Weak-axis bending [now it's LRFD an

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>So why all the blather? Why invent a whole new vocabulary? Why all the
>claims about superiority if we're talking substantially about multiplying
>both sides of an equation by the same factor. (Plastic design in bending
>aside--that really is different, maybe even better, although I could
>quibble with the notion that an elastic-perfectly plastic assumption is
>much better than a tweak.)

I didn't mean to give the impression that there were no differences.
Instead, I meant that the leap at this time is not a very big one to get to
LRFD. Over time, LRFD moves further and further away from where it
started...a strength-design conversion of the old working-stress provisions
in ASD with some basic improvements.

An analogous situation is found in the history of the automobile. The first
ones looked like the same horse-drawn carriages they replaced, just without
the horses. Fast-forward to todays cars and you wouldn't even know that cars
and carriages were ever similar.


P.S. The National Council of Structural Engineering Associations (NCSEA) is
putting on an LRFD short course in Miami, FL on March 6-10. It covers more
than just steel (concrete and wood, too). I think it will be an excellent
opportunity to gain practical insight into LRFD.