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Re: [used to be] Channels - Weak-axis bending [now it's LRFD an

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Date: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 8:42 AM
Subject: RE: [used to be] Channels - Weak-axis bending [now it's LRFD an

. Over time, LRFD moves further and further away from where it
>started...a strength-design conversion of the old working-stress provisions
>in ASD with some basic improvements.
Much of the "complicated stuff", like lateral-torsional buckling is actually
the other way around:  ASD rules were factored back from testing to the
limits. AISC erred in originally promoting LRFD (BFD) as a good idea from an
economy standpoint. The apparent value (which is not yet that apparent to
many) is that the method is more directly tied to the supporting research
programs. Since service performance is still of interest, the validity of
this magic approach is still debatable.