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RE: Untreated Sill Plates

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I was involved in a similar project. The State Fire Marshall (the code enforcer) permitted the contractor to spray the sill plates with a product BEHR NO. 2-91 Dock and Fence Post Preservative. The fire marshall on required spraying the exposed surfaces and denching the top of the concrete with the hope that sufficient preservative flowed into the interface between the plate and the concrete.

James Allen, P.E.

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I previously sent the following message but did not receive any response.
Can anyone tell me where I may be able to get some information on this:

I am currently involved with a project where the contractor did not use
treated plates for a bottom plate of the load bearing stud walls.  The roof
structure is up and the walls are sheathed.  Is there a method to treat the
plates in the field?

Randy Hamilton P.E.
Tucson, AZ