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Re: Salary Survey (Commentary on US Nuke Industry)

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I'd have to agree with Bill Polhemus

Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Snip
> Specifically, they were granted license to build such plants, and were
> further guaranteed by the Public Utility Commissions of the states
> where the
> plants were built, that they would make a profit on them.


With their "profit guaranteed" (at least they thought) by the PUC,  the
typical nuke builder really didn't care how much extra cost was incurred
due to NRC ECO's.   Engineering & construction costs ballooned out of
control.  Projects were delayed by the inept design/constr teams & the
NRC.  Courts ruled that only the cost of operating plants could be
charged to current utility customers so the construction was financed
via the bond market.  Construction delays (3 to 7 years) caused interest
costs to eclipse const costs ( 3 to 1) to such a degree that some plants
could NEVER recover the constr & interest costs!

If it took a builder 5 years to design, constr & sell a typical custom
home & he did it with borrowed money; could ever make a profit?

Duke Power was a notable exception to the typical nuke utility
disaster... they consistently design, built & operated plants that were
models of efficiency, cost effectiveness & safety.   Cost per megawatt
was about $1000 in 1986 $; on a par with fossil fuel plants of the day.

Too many people "helping" can turn anything into a disaster.

Robert Kazanjy, PE  **Disclaimer: I speak for myself not UC-Irvine**
Senior Development Engineer
Civil & Environmental Engineering
UC Irvine