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RE: Salary Survey

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> From: Christopher Wright [mailto:chrisw(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 3:00 PM
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> Subject: RE: Salary Survey
> >Note also that this is true for other military program
> >Army/Air Force bomber program--Billy Mitchell.)
> Billy Mitchell got court-martialled in the 1920's for being a
> bad winner.
> If you mean Curt LeMay, he's the guy who made SAC work--he
> didn't design
> bombers either.

I did mean Mitchell. Yes, he "nyah-nyah"ed his superiors when the big brass
backed his ideas, and got court-martialled.

But he nearly single-handedly brought the U.S. Military into the air age.

> >The funny thing about this example as a "ding" against free
> >market forces, is that there is virtually NOTHING
> free-market about public
> >utilities!
> You're leaping to conclusions--it wasn't a tax-and-spend
> liberal attack
> on a free market economy. I was only pointing out what ought to be
> obvious--namely that laissez-faire economics aren't
> necessarily the best
> for all situations.

I was not saying that you were making a liberal plaint, I was arguing
exactly what you just repeated: I do believe that laissez-faire economics is
the answer to nearly everything.

My point was not "liberalism," but "statism." Pat Buchanan is no one's
liberal, for example, but he does believe in statist intervention in what
should be free markets.

And I repeat: Nuclear power systems in the U.S. or anywhere didn't come
online as a result of the "invisible hand," but by crony capitalism, mostly.

Your contention that "Japan's system works" or "France's system works"
doesn't take into account what I think is a very important factor: both
states will not allow (and even brutally suppress) any other notions or
ideas, from the left or the right, as to how things could be done better.

Therefore, "Greenpeace" gets their ships bombed (or whatever), and any new
business entity in Europe or Japan that tries to operate outside the old-boy
network gets bludgeoned to death. That they haven't had reactor melt-downs
or brownouts is beside the point. How much better would things be if there
were market forces involved?

And I DO think the Soviet example is appropriate. The only difference
between their system and the French/Japanese one is, the latter had access
to purchased technology (i.e. technology developed on the free market ==
"better" technology) from the rest of the West; the SU didn't, unless they
stole it.

How about the Red Chinese missile program? Couldn't even launch the suckers
until the Clinton administration and their cronies sold the tech to them!

This is "the invisible hand" taking hold in a completely unforeseen