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Seismic load path

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Randy had such a good response to his second request for help with the
treating of wood sills that it has motivated me to try again with my post.  I
sent this in last Friday but didn't get any response from the list.

I am doing the preliminary design of a church structure in CA.  Below is a
rough sketch of the building cross section.  Use a mono-spaced font to view
it, like courier.

           /    \
         /        \
        |          |
        |          |
       /|          |\
     /  |          |  \
   /    |----------|    \
 /------|          |------\ 
|                          |
|                          |
|                          |

The roof slope is 5:12.  Part of the building has a mezzanine above a class
room area, as shown in the center portion of the sketch.  The two side areas
are to be mechanical equipment area.  Above the sanctuary there is NO
mezzanine or mechanical space, it is open with cathedral type ceiling.  The
building foot print is 60' x 94' with the ridge running the long direction. 
Ideally the architect wants to frame this out of wood.  Initially I thought
of using wood I-joists for the rafters and clear spanning the sanctuary with

My question is one of lateral stability.  I assume I am not the first person
to tackle a building shape like this.  I anticipate using shear walls for
lateral resistance.  The architect has punched numerous window holes in the
vertical side walls of the mezzanine.  How would you suggest framing this
type of building for lateral stability, maintaining a load path through the
upper and lower roofs, side walls, etc.  In the longitudinal direction
(parallel to the ridge)I was thinking of using rigid steel frames in the core
section for th high roof and mezzanine floor, and plywood shear walls at the
out edge.  For the transverse direction I was thinking of using shear walls
only.  I have a nice location in the middle of the building and at the end
walls for shear walls.

Thanks for your input.  I appreciate all suggestions, even completely
different framing schemes.



Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

The service mission like-minded Christian organizations
may turn to for technical assistance and know-how.