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RE: Salary Survey

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	Actually, I would argue that you don't really disagree with my
	Note that I said "Generally, no."  That means for the most part they
	do the same things we can.  However, if you compare a architect JUST
out of
	school with a civil engineer JUST out school, they will have
	skills that are rather similar.  A lot of young engineers don't
fully grasp
	concepts of load paths and cannot intuitively pick a member size.
Much of
	what I know now I did not learn during my undergraduate education.

Scott --- I disagree. 

A civil engineer fresh out of graduate school will have a decent
understanding of structural behavior and load distribution. They will have
taken courses in advanced steel, concrete design as well as structural
dynamics, etc.. (you get the picture).

An architect fresh out of graduate school will have about the same or
probably less of an understanding of structures as a civil engineer fresh
out of undergraduate school. This would probably include courses in basic
steel, concrete, wood design.

An architect fresh out of undergraduate school will probably have little to
no understanding of structures --- the most that the typical arch undergrad
student might see in school is a very basic statics and mechanics of
materials course --- if they're ambitious.