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RE: Salary Survey

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Greetings all,

While I agree with Bill Allen that this thread cannot produce much action
and/or change in society and we should pick our battles effectively, I
thought I'd share some of  my experiences with our profession's public
perception. It is so frequent, I now chuckle every time I hear more.

My girlfriend is sixth-grade science teacher. While thumbing through her
class textbook one day, I found a section discussing earthquakes. Amazingly,
it also discussed the damage earthquakes can cause and new technology to
resist it. One sentence stated, "Today, architects design buildings with
special frames to resist the forces exerted by earthquakes." The book went
into even more detail discussing the use of isolation bearings and shock
absorbers. For a book with such detail at a sixth-grade level, I expected
proper credit for our profession.

That very same evening, I watched a show on the Discovery channel (or TLC, I
can't remember which) about the design and construction of the Empire State
Building. While very interesting and seemingly accurate, it made repeated
reference to "architects who designed the structural system."

After the large tornado that hit the Oklahoma City area last May, the local
AIA groups offered free home inspections to those affected. A news channel
publicized the groups and followed them with a camera during a inspection.
One clip showed one of the architects pushing on one home's exterior brick
veneer to "find evidence of structural damage." Some of my colleagues, while
doing inspections for insurance companies, told me of homeowners who saw the
segment demand that their home be totaled because their brick walls were
jarred loose.

Mr. Allen does make a point that we should start a fight worth winning, but
I question if this may be we aren't winning more battles. I say this because
our state legislature has become resistant to any new legislation that
increases the power of the state liscencing board, either through
disciplinary actions or registration rules. I wonder if lawmakers would be
more receptive if they (or their constituents) were more savvy of our
importance. Is this happening elsewhere, and is this a battle we should

Thank you for your ears,

Chad Grinsteiner
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma