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Re: RE: Galvanized Structural Steel A440

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It is listed in the AISC 6th addition.  Thank you Jack Ceviston for the information.

>>> Harold Sprague <harold.sprague(--nospam--at)> 10/01 9:15 AM >>>

I have analyzed and designed towers for telecommunications and for
electrical T&D, and when it comes to hot rolled angle shapes, it has always
been A36.  I have no idea what mill ever would have run any angle other than

I also don't know what an ASTM A440 steel is.  It is not listed in ASTM.

It may have been intended for the bolts.  The ASTM A449 bolts are commonly
used in towers in lieu of ASTM A325.  The 449's allow them to skirt the A325
installation requirements, the A449's also have threads all the way to the
head.  They carry fewer bolts in the bolt bags, and they go to snug tight

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Galvanized Structural Steel A440

We are analyzing a sub station dead end tower that specifies the above
referenced grade of steel.  ASD Table 1 page 1-7 references an A441
designation.  The tower was originally designed in 1965.  Is this a typo on
the original plans?  If not where can I obtain information for this type of
steel.  The member in question is a steel angle.

Thank you for your assistance

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