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Re: Question for wood panel at SEAOC Convention

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Dear Shafat,

Following are two questions for this morning's
wood panel at the SEAOC Convention.  Please
present them on mybehalf if there issufficient


Mark Swingle, SE    Oakland, CA


Consider the following proposed change to the 1997

Add a new 4th paragraph to Section 1630.6
"Horizontal Distribution of Shear" as follows:

"Buildings whose primary lateral-force-resisting
system consists of wood structural panel
diaphragms and shear walls may have the prescribed
story shears distributed to the shear walls based
upon tributary mass principles.  In addition,
redundancy, story drift, and horizontal torsion
need not be considered."

Question 1:  Would you be in favor of such a
change, if there were a mechanism for its

Question 2:  If your answer is "no" to question 1,
can you imagine a building which would pose a
life-safety threat to its occupants (when designed
according to the above code change), due to
redistribution of forces by the diaphragm?  Please
describe in sufficient detail to support your