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Bridge collapse

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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project of rehabilitation of a post tensioned bridge, which is very damaged (loss of prestressed tendons, spalling of concrete...) because of marine corrosion.

Bridge features : (French units)

* Bridge location : MOROCCO
* Length : 3,616 km
* Spans fixation : single spans
* Beams bearing : Elastomeer baerings (EB)
* Span length : 45 m
* Prestressing mode : post tensioned beams and piers
* Each span contains 3 beams connected each other by a prestressing effort in the horizontal sense, and by concrete connection (see the presentation below)

* Height of a beam is 2,60 m
* space between two beams in a span is : 2,40 m

The question is : how it will collapse (the failure mechanism )???

Is there anyone can I help me.

Thanks in advance.
Structural engineer,
OCP firm,
E-mail : aghbal(--nospam--at)

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