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Re: Salary Survey

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> From: "Bill Allen" <Bill(--nospam--at)>

> acting in our best interest. Compare ASCE. NSPE, SEAO(where ever), etc. with
> AMA, ABA and even AIA to see what I mean.

I think that you are even barking up the wrong tree when you point at
the associations. However, since you make the comparison, let's take a
look at a more fundamental issue ... who's in the organizations. Which
are the commodity employees? Which profession has industrial/government
exemptions from licensure? What are the ratios of independent
practitioners in each profession? Why?

> In other words, it's our own damn fault. We shouldn't be blaming text book
> authors or news anchors or even the AIA. As I have said on many occasions,
> we have met the enemy and it is us. If something has to change is will have

Methinks Pogo was right.

> to be us. One major problem we have collectively is that we are not very
> good at promoting ourselves. Maybe we should hire (with a portion of our

I don't think that my income has anything to do with public perception
except that they are seeing what has become of us. So, don't put the
cart before the horse. The doctors and dentists, that I know, had
business courses to prepare them for independent practice. Business
courses, let alone profession specific business courses, were not
recommended/available to any of the engineers that I know.

Issues of social conscience aside (we make a hell of a lot more than the
average homeless street person/family) the disposable income level of
North American engineers is damned good.

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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