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the bridge in morocco::: 3616 km long reallly???

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hi mr Aghbal,
Have been seeing ur bridge for about amonth now,
have a few questions::
you say the bridge is 3616 km long. Is it really that long, where exactly
is it in morocco,
why are they building it and waht areyou trying to cross. Is it
economically feasible to
build a 3000 km long bridge. and what are 'french' units:: i thought europe
and the 
rest of the world used S.I units.They do not belong to france by any means
Just a thought, the distance from L.A to new york is about 4000 km.

with a span length of 45 m each, how many spans do you think you are gonna

If its a typing mistake iam extremely sorry other wise we are all stupid
engineers to believe you.

At 11:50 AM 10/2/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I'm working on a project of rehabilitation of a post tensioned bridge, which 
>is very damaged (loss of prestressed tendons, spalling of concrete...) 
>because of marine corrosion.
>Bridge features : (French units)
>* Bridge location : MOROCCO
>* Length : 3,616 km
>* Spans fixation : single spans
>* Beams bearing : Elastomeer baerings (EB)
>* Span length : 45 m
>* Prestressing mode : post tensioned beams and piers
>* Each span contains 3 beams connected each other by a prestressing effort 
>in the horizontal sense, and by concrete connection (see the presentation 
>* Height of a beam is 2,60 m
>* space between two beams in a span is : 2,40 m
>The question is : how it will collapse (the failure mechanism )???
>Is there anyone can I help me.
>Thanks in advance.
>M. Kamal AGHBAL
>Structural engineer,
>OCP firm,
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