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Re: the bridge in morocco::: 3616 km long reallly???

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Jake got it right.  There can be a problem using a comma for a decimal as is
typical in Europe.  t's kind of like building Hoover dam 50 miles west of
where it should have been because of a misplaced decimal point.  They didn't
know what to do with it so they turned it into a drive in theater.

just kidding,
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From: Jake Watson <jwatson(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Sunday, October 03, 1999 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: the bridge in morocco::: 3616 km long reallly???

>Anand Kathula wrote:
>> hi mr Aghbal,
>> Have been seeing ur bridge for about amonth now,
>> have a few questions::
>> you say the bridge is 3616 km long. Is it really that long, where exactly
>> is it in morocco,
>> why are they building it and waht areyou trying to cross. Is it
>> economically feasible to
>> build a 3000 km long bridge. and what are 'french' units:: i thought
>> and the
>> rest of the world used S.I units.They do not belong to france by any
>> Just a thought, the distance from L.A to new york is about 4000 km.
>> with a span length of 45 m each, how many spans do you think you are
>> use??
>> If its a typing mistake iam extremely sorry other wise we are all stupid
>> engineers to believe you.
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>I believe that the coma represents a decimal. Therefor the bridge is
>3.616 km long.
>Jake Watson, E.I.T.
>Salt Lake City, UT