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RE: KeyLat software

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I checked this out at the convention. While it has some nice features the
price was pretty surprising. They want $95 per month. There is no one time
licensing that I am aware of. For modeling they estimate a price as high as
$0.15 per square foot.

It is not clear how wall stiffnesses are modeled or if they will provide
manual justifications of the design  approach. It wouldn't hurt for them to
support their methodology with theoretical bases. Of course, this might be
already provided for. I don't know.

Mark Deardorff

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Has any one had a chance to review the KeyLat lateral design demo program?
Program look impressive, I just wish they had included method of inputting
wall info, just to see the degree of difficulty. Also I'm having problems
with the tiny fonts in the plots. Any other comments? Is anyone aware of
other similar programs?
Andy Vidikan, PE