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RE: Salary Survey

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> Sent: Sunday, October 03, 1999 4:10 PM
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> Subject: Re: Salary Survey
> Issues of social conscience aside (we make a hell of a lot
> more than the
> average homeless street person/family)...

My stepson isn't exactly "homeless," but he does live hand to mouth. I
suppose this is "unfair," except for the following:

1. He chose not to finish High School. He believed what his friends told
him: That he could get a "decent job" without it.

2. He has chosen to remain undereducated.

3. He has found that employers seem to prefer employing those with some

4. He has always had "ambitions" to be an auto mechanic, but doesn't want to
go to school for it. Therefore he is limited to working in little unlicensed
shops only on automobiles built before 1975 or so (because he doesn't
understand the electronics, etc.)

Now, I'm not one to beat someone over the head for their sincere
misfortunes, but my "social conscience" is limited to a value no greater
than the "conscience" of the individual in question.

It's like my Dad always said: "It's uncanny! The harder I work, the luckier
I get!"