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RE: UCI-CoLA Research

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Last I heard, all of the testing at Bob's lab has been with hand-driven
common nails and plywood.  What about comparing the behavior of gun-driven
nails and OSB?  This seems to be the preferred method today.  Also, some
investigation to put the story to rest regarding 3-ply vs. 5-ply plywood,
box vs. common nails, etc. would be welcome.


John Silva
Hilti, Inc.

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> Sent: 	Wednesday, September 08, 1999 3:30 PM
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> Subject: 	UCI-CoLA Research
> This message is being sent to act as a recruitment devise for
> suggestions
> from the design profession on timber shear walls.  Since late '98 UC
> Irvine
> has been conducting a Light-framed Shearwall Research Project in
> conjunction
> with the City of LA.  This project has revolved around the construction,
> pseudo-static testing and analyzing of 27 different wall configurations
> with
> variable sheathing type and thickness', nail type and spacing as well as
> wood and steel stud framing.  To date the project has provided raw and
> summarized data related to envelope load-displacement curves, estimates
> of
> the yield limit and strength limit states, drift information, etc.
> Currently, myself and 2 other graduate students involved in running this
> research project, will ultimately use this collected data for the basis
> of
> our MS thesis.  As we begin the brainstorming for specific thesis topics
> we
> are interested in the ideas and advise of the design professional's.
> Are
> there any topics that specifically interest you or any ongoing issues in
> the
> design community that a thesis paper could address?  If you would like
> more
> information on the project e-mail me at asmith(--nospam--at), otherwise we
> look forward to hearing your responses/suggestions.
> Thank You
> Amie Smith
> UCI Graduate Student