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Northridge Earthquake a Major "Event"

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There was some discussion a while back that lead me to believe that some
engineers think that the Northridge Earthquake was not a Code design
level earthquake, but rather a "moderate" earthquake.

After attending the SEAOC seminar, I was reading through the 1999 Blue
book and found the following:

"Strong ground shaking was recorded during the magnitude Mw=6.7 1994
Northridge earthquake at sites located close to the fault.  At these
near-source sites, ground motion response spectra were often
significantly larger than the Seismic Zone 4 design spectra"

This was taken from the Appendix F, page 309 of the 1999 SEAOC blue
book.  Appendix "F" is a section that discusses the Northridge
earthquake. In the appendix they actually have graphs of some recorded

The 1994 Northridge earthquake was in fact a Code design level