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Re: UCI-CoLA Research

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 Listserver members-

Ms Smith's request was for thesis topics concerning the recently
generated CoLA-UCI dataset.

The configurations tested were generated by consensus of  CoLA & the
SEAOSC advisory committee.

I know that we all can suggest additional or alternate test
configurations but the test program consisted of only
27 (3 specimen per group) groups.

By the time one considers thickness (3/8 vs 15/32),  material (OSB vs
plywood), nail spacing (6, 4, 2) & framing material (2x DF vs 20 gage
steel) the test matrix is pretty much used up.

The motivation to use hand driven common nails (8d & 10d) was:
APA monotonic sheathing tests have mostly used them.
Current code values were developed using them.

I agree with all the suggestions for future testing but the sources of
funding to support these tests are not identified at this time.

Our real question is not what to test next but:

What would the CE/SE community like to see done with this current

A CD with the complete dataset (Stucco tests to be done soon) will be
available in about 3 weeks.   It has all the raw data & just about every

plot possible (about 500 Mb).  The data & plots are in Excel format
(Office 2000/97).  These files are quite large (in the 20 to 30 Mb
range) so if your PC is RAM (<64 Mb) limited you might have some trouble

opening them.

For purists out there ASCII data is also on the CD.

Contact gpardoen(--nospam--at) to purchase the data CD for the ridiculously
price of $10.

Robert Kazanjy, PE  **Disclaimer: I speak for myself not UC-Irvine**
Senior Development Engineer
Civil & Environmental Engineering
UC Irvine