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RE: Steel in very cold temperatures

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Title: RE: Steel in very cold temperatures
Regardless of what your employer supplies, get a pair of Sorel winter workboots. Winter Workboot model name is "Skagway." They are made in Canada, rated to -85 degrees F, and conform to all required safety regulations, including steel toes.  There are other models of  workboots available.  Sorry for the commercial plug, but these are a lifesaver.  If your feet are cold, you can't think.  

Also, avoid company-issued safety boots with steel toes.  I built an island 5 miles offshore of Prudhoe Bay in December and January of 1973.  This involved 12 hour shifts outside in pitch darkness at -60 deg. F.  Another engineer and I drove sheet piling by climbing up the diesel pile driver trestle and manually squirting ether (automobile starter fluid) ahead of each stoke of the hammer.  The steel toes acted as heat sinks, and I ended up with no feeling whatsoever in my feet for almost three months. 

Best Regards,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., in Sunny Dallas, Texas
Home of the Stanley Cup Champions