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RE: Hand-Calcs vs. Computer Calcs

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> Subject: Re: Hand-Calcs vs. Computer Calcs
> Corrolary to that is the number of engineers (mostly sprogs)

I have no idea what a "sprog" is or what it does.

> who are so web happy they can't or won't use a library or other standard
> reference techniques. If information isn't on a web page it apparently
> exist.

I think we need to be careful to differentiate between the use of
information, and the means of its storage and retrieval. I have no qualms
about using Internet resources to the utmost in retrieving information that
I need to do my job, and I can't for the life of me think of a downside to
that (unless the information is erroneous, but that's not a function of the
storage/retrieval mechanism).

Once, books were painstakingly copied by hand, and a library was considered
such a valuable resource that it was left untouched during wartime even when
all the countryside 'round was laid waste.

The invention of the printing press changed all that, and I doubt sincerely
whether any sixteenth century engineer worried that the "younger generation"
wasn't retrieving information from hand-copied treatises, for example.

As long as the quality of the reference is not in question, I don't think we
should be concerned about whether the information was retrieved from a book
in the engineering library, or from a CD-ROM, or from the Internet.