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RE: Hand-Calcs vs. Computer Calcs

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Title: RE: Hand-Calcs vs. Computer Calcs

"The Feeling of Power" by Isaac Asimov.  First published February 1958 and reprinted numerous times since in various anthologies.

Myron Aub discovers how to do arithmetic by hand, without a computer.

> I wish I could recall the title or author of the Science
> Fiction story I
> read as a boy years ago.
> The gist of the story was that, in the midst of a war fought
> many years
> hence, when computers had pretty much "taken over" all mathematical
> calculation tasks, one side's "secret weapon" was the
> rediscovery of hand
> calculations! Because of this, that side won the war because
> they were able
> to actually calculate the firing parameters for their artillery in the
> trenches, without waiting for the numbers to be signalled to
> them from the
> computer operators far to the rear.