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Re: Hand-Calcs vs. Computer Calcs

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It's been a few decades since I read that, but if I remember correctly he realized that his invention would allow manned missiles to replace unmanned ones, and committed suicide rather than teach math for that purpose.


Paul Meyer wrote:


"The Feeling of Power" by Isaac Asimov.  First published February 1958 and reprinted numerous times since in various anthologies.

Myron Aub discovers how to do arithmetic by hand, without a computer.

> I wish I could recall the title or author of the Science
> Fiction story I
> read as a boy years ago.
> The gist of the story was that, in the midst of a war fought
> many years
> hence, when computers had pretty much "taken over" all mathematical
> calculation tasks, one side's "secret weapon" was the
> rediscovery of hand
> calculations! Because of this, that side won the war because
> they were able
> to actually calculate the firing parameters for their artillery in the
> trenches, without waiting for the numbers to be signalled to
> them from the
> computer operators far to the rear.