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RE: Hand calcs vs. computer calcs

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The funny thing to me about this is, I have always felt a less-than-complete
confidence in my own understanding of all these things. Sometimes I have to
do stuff like beam analysis BY HAND just so I don't get so rusty.

I think the only thing worse than "not knowing" is "not knowing that you
don't know".

Computer programs are stupid. They are only as useful as your own grasp of
the general concepts that underlie their function. If we rely on them,
without remembering "GIGO," they can indeed be dangerous.

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> That's right, Bill.  As well, there are many examples of "registered"
> persons signing calculations who clearly demonstrate that
> they don't have a
> clue on load paths, free-body diagrams, equilibrium,
> bending/shear/deflection/secondary stresses, etc. and "orders
> of magnitude",
> even if they do check their output for "big errors", and I
> think all of this
> automation may be adding to that problem.