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Re: Reinforcement Software

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Ooops.  I didn't look at your email address at first to see that you are somehow
affiliated with Geopak so please read the following keeping in mind that I
thought you were just a potential purchaser.


The company I worked for was looking to upgrade some inhouse developed software
so I ran some tests on Geopak's Bridge and Rebar modules in early 1998 and went
to a one day private seminar sponsored by a Microstation distributor.  I don't
work for that company anymore so I don't have copies of the tests which I ran
but here is what I can remember:

1.   The Bridge module is not that great.  This was confirmed by their
representative at the seminar.  The Bridge module is used to calculate deck slab
elevations along girder centerlines for placement into haunch tables.  The
program does not create the haunch table for you though.  Also, the program is
not integrated with their civil software so you have to recreate the profiles
and roadway templates.  For simple bridges that is not too hard but for
complicated roadway geometries that can be cumbersome.  Also, the program does
not handle horizontally curved beams.  Also, for multiple bearing lines on one
pier you have to create dummy piers for each bearing lines which creates
miscellaneous spans between the bearing lines.  Etc.

2.   The Rebar module is used to create Bar List Tables and Typical Reinforcment
Details with much integration and interactivity between the two.  You can draw a
typical cross section of some concrete structure and then tell it where to put
bars and then assign barsizes and end treatments.  You then associate the
section with an elevation and the program will calculate bar quantities for it.
You can then save those reinforcement details to a library and reuse them at a
later date.  You can modify a footing/wall/etc. and the bars will be
automatically updated.  For the few tests which I performed, I didn't find any
bugs other than at the time it didn't handle soft-metric bar designations.  If
you do alot of concrete work and need to generate Bar List Tables, I highly
recommend looking into it although I believe it is somewhat pricey.

3.   I really didn't play with their civil modules much (someone else tested
that out).  But after sitting through 6 hours of a presentation on it and having
experience in both Inroads and DCA, I can say it looks similar to Inroads.
There was some concern over where the data files for the DTM and alignments are
stored but can't really remember any specifics.

Overall, the one thing I can say is that their representatives were very
friendly and helpful.  I talked to the developer of the Bridge module and he
asked for a complete listing of the "inadequacies" so that they can upgrade the
software.  Unfotrtunately at the time we were extremely busy and decided to
stick with our old DOS based batch line programs.

I hope this helps.


Ido Shimony <Ido_Shimony(--nospam--at)> on 10/06/99 01:48:24 PM

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Does anyone out there use Geopak Software patches for Microstation? How do you
like it?

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