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RE: Serious

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This sounds suspiciously like just another incarnation of the infamous
"modem tax" rumor that has been bumping around cyberspace since the days of

The notion that the government can "quietly" pass such legislation is

There is ALWAYS danger from Clinton's infamous "Executive Orders," of
course, but even then there is enough of a "watchdog" contingent in Congress
such as Reps. Armey, Barr and Paul, that those don't stay quiet for long.
Witness the odious EO #13083, which the Clinton administration tried quietly
to foist on the American public in May 1998. This one sought to redefine
"federalism" and the intent of the Tenth Amendment to the constitution to
allow intrusive Federal government to a greater extent than ever before
imagined. When Congress and grass-roots watchdog organizations got an
eyefull of that, they squawked so loud that Clinton withdrew it.

As regards the "email tax" (heir to the old "modem tax"), the Republican
congress in 1998 enacted the Internet Tax Freedom Act, which is meant to
"keep the heavy hand of government off the Internet." The legislation was
sponsored by Rep. Christopher Cox, R-CA.

For more on this, see:

A SIDEBAR: People, with the advent of the Internet, ironically the "target"
of all these legendary taxes and regulations, you have a means whereby you
can learn much about our government, how it is functioning, what legislation
is pending, etc. To me (and pardon my saying so) it is the hallmark of
ignorance that we should accept some email, forwarded 20 or 30 times, as
prima-facie evidence of anything.

If you receive such an email, for heavens sake CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!!!!

As we recently discussed in another thread, it is almost enough to make one
believe the faculty for critical thinking is fast disappearing even from the
crania of talented and educated engineers such as ourselves. And to me there
is no excuse for it.

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> This is not funny..........
> Do nothing and allow the USPS to impose their "tax" on the
> internet.