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RE: UBC 97, Inverted V-bracing

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>UBC97, Chap. 22, Div. IV, 2211.4, Sec. 9.4.a.3., p.2-251 states that: "A
beam intersected by
>V braces shall be capable of supporting all tributary dead and live loads
assuming the bracing
>is not present". Can anyone explain to me what exactly is the meaning of
"tributary dead and
>live loads", especially the word "tributary" (my dictionary was not very
helpful here).

The intent is that the beam should be strong enough to carry the vertical
loads as a simple-span member on its own. This accounts for the potential
for earthquake damage to the inverted V-bracing, which may then be
ineffective in resisting the vertical loads. Unfortunately, the Code
language is probably a bit too specific to office-building-type construction
to make perfect sense in the case in which you are trying to apply it.