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Rolled Wide Flange Beams to Trolley Around Corners

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I have completed step 1, found a machine shop to roll a wide flange beam
with a 3 to 4' radius.  Step 2 is to figure out what's left of the beam
afterward.  The point here is to allow a trolley to roll around a corner in
a plant.

The machine shop cold rolls the beams, and claim they can do it without the
flanges buckling.  We only have to support about 5.5 kips, and we can
shorten the span to just about anything.  I would think that the beam would
become stronger from cold-working.  Lateral stability, I would think,
wouldn't be an issue if the beam is supported in the center of the bend.
Local buckling of the inside flange, that I would think would be a little
wavy from the process, seems to be the bugger.

Am I on the right track here (no pun intended)?  Is there some kind of
standard practice someone could clue me in on?


Ed Fasula, E.I.T.