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Re: Rolled Wide Flange Beams to Trolley Around Corners

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Trolleys will track a lot easier on S shape than a wide flange.  In fact
special trolleys are required for wide flange beams.  Standard trolleys are
made for S shapes.  The thicker tapered flange on an S shape handles the
wheel loads nicely.

The radius of the track is limited also by the trolley selected.  Infact,
the trolley may prove to be the limiting factor.

I support the track at the center of the curve and near each end of the

Paul J. Martin, PE, SE
ADM Design Services
Decatur, IL
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From: Ed Fasula <tibbits2(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Wednesday, October 06, 1999 3:42 PM
Subject: Rolled Wide Flange Beams to Trolley Around Corners

>I have completed step 1, found a machine shop to roll a wide flange beam
>with a 3 to 4' radius.  Step 2 is to figure out what's left of the beam
>afterward.  The point here is to allow a trolley to roll around a corner in
>a plant.
>The machine shop cold rolls the beams, and claim they can do it without the
>flanges buckling.  We only have to support about 5.5 kips, and we can
>shorten the span to just about anything.  I would think that the beam would
>become stronger from cold-working.  Lateral stability, I would think,
>wouldn't be an issue if the beam is supported in the center of the bend.
>Local buckling of the inside flange, that I would think would be a little
>wavy from the process, seems to be the bugger.
>Am I on the right track here (no pun intended)?  Is there some kind of
>standard practice someone could clue me in on?
>Ed Fasula, E.I.T.