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Fwd: Virtual Seismology Committee - opinions and suggestions wanted

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First I'd like to congratulate you and Shafat for initiating and implementing 
the panel discussion during the SEAOC convention. It was definitely one the 
most engaging sessions of a convention that was already loaded with many 
interesting presentations. The only thing I would have changed in the format 
was to allow the audience to participate directly in the discussion rather 
than reading their comments.

But everything considered, it shows how powerful this medium has become in 
changing the way we do things. I used to be an active participant of the 
seismology committee when I lived in San Diego, which is a relatively small 
geographic area and it is very convenient to physically attend the meetings. 
However, now living in Bay area, I cannot imagine driving 50 miles, after 
work, in rush hour to get to these meetings, no matter how interesting the 
topics are. The List server has provided me the medium to hear what others 
have to say and also participate myself, and I appreciate that.

Anyway, as far as the logistics of how the VSC will work, I think the idea of 
the 5th chapter is pretty good. You can have a chair and vice chair 
representing the virtual committee during in the scheduled state meetings. 
(Funds should be allocated for travel just as it is for the physical 
committee members.) The Topics of discussion should be generated by the list 
server participants. For example a participant posts a question, or 
discussion item on the server. If the topic meets certain criteria (i.e., 
code related) and generates substantial discussion, the participant can 
forward it the VSC representative for consideration in the state meeting. In 
addition the VSC reps can also monitor the list server for interesting topics 
and compile a file themselves whether someone suggest them for consideration 
or not. 

In regard to Lynn's suggestion that we need to have a physical committee 
member included in the VSC, this may already have been happening. As you had 
indicated earlier, there are many who read these postings, but do not 
actively participate. And some of those could very well be seismology 
committee members. 

The formation of this committee is also occurring at a crucial time. The 
window of opportunity for proposing any changes to the IBC (the 2001 
supplement to the 2000 IBC) is going to close in the next couple of months. 
We need to get this baby off the ground and start formulating code change 
proposals as soon as possible. I would be delighted to participate in this 
committee in whatever capacity. 

Keep up the good work.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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