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RE: Cost for review of drawings

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I think that rather than simply considering the time required to "review" the plans, one must
evaluate the liability involved.  Once you have reviewed and approved the drawings, you basically take the responsibility
for the project, and any problems that may result in the future.  I think this needs to be accounted for
when arriving at the "fair" fee for your review services.   

It is my opinion that a proper review of a $30M sewage treatment plans should not be less than 25% of the original design
fee, which coincidentally it about the same amount that a good engineer would have charged over the low bidder that most
likely got the job, and now requires a peer review...  Where is the economy??

Best Wishes,

Antonio Arthay, P.E.

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I think peer review of projects in California is for a different reason than
review of Sewerage Treatment Plants. Since structural design of this kind of
facility is somewhat different from above ground (vertical structures)
specific experience is required. For example, small and large pumps may
impose vibrations on structures that need to be accounted for, design of
concrete and reinforcement for this kind of corrosive exposure follows
somewhat different criteria than for typical buildings, etc.

As far as the fee is concerned, I believe the structural fee for design of a
treatment plant facility is generally higher than design of building
structures in similar regions. Design review is not much different than
performing the actual design, except that it should take less time than the
original design. Perhaps 10% to 15% of original design fee should be

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Subject: Cost for review of drawings

I have been asked to review a large sewage treatment plant facility for a
contractor in the Middle East. Assuming the design was done reasonably
well, what would be the cost to provide structural eng. services to review
the drawings to ensure it has been done right. A complete set of drawings
is available. Construction cost of facility is roughly $30 million US. It
seems that peer review is very popular in the CA area according to threads
I have read on the list. It is not so normal in my area. Is there a typical
percentage fee used for this kind of work.

David Handy, P.Eng
Ontario, Canada