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1997 UBC Section 1633.2.9.3

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This section of the Code limits the R value for wood diaphragm design
supporting walls or frames of concrete or masonry to 4. What a PITA. Of
course, a similar section existed in the 1994 UBC (Section 1631.2.9.3). The
difference? In the 1994 UBC the restriction was an Rw value of 6 which is
the design value for the building. Since the R value limitation of 4 is
different than the design value for the building (4.5). So, now, we have to
calculate diaphragm values twice. What a ridiculous exercise this is. If we
take an Rw value of 6 and divide by the load factor of 1.4, I get an R value
of 4.3. Why oh why couldn't this be 4.5 in the Code?


Bill Allen, S.E.
Laguna Niguel, CA