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RE: Cost for review of drawings

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The cost of a water treatment plant can be skewed by the equipment costs.
If the equipment requires special design criteria like Pistigrit chambers, 4
stage compressors, etc., base your fee on a percentage of the total
constructed cost.  If the equipment is just expensive, but does not have
particularly difficult dynamic loads, then base your fee on a percentage of
the structure cost.

Beware of the hydrogen sulfide concentrations in the sewage at the
particular plant location you are dealing with.  For soils in the middle
east look at the soil for sulfates and chlorides.  Evaluate the indigenous
concrete construction materials.  You need to review the specifications, and
calculations as well as the drawings.

Evaluate the peer review fee based on a percentage of:
1.	The structural design fee (10 to 15%)
2.	The cost of the structure (0.15 to 0.3%)
3.	The total construction cost (0.10 to 0.15%)
If the structural design is well done and well documented, you can feel
comfortable with option 1.  If the structural design has some gaps and it
has some dynamic equipment (4 stage compressors) use option 3. If the
structural design has gaps and there is some expensive but structurally
insignificant (Carpenter 20 piping, tanks, etc.), use option 2.  This should
help establish the range.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Cost for review of drawings

I have been asked to review a large sewage treatment plant facility for a
contractor in the Middle East. Assuming the design was done reasonably
well, what would be the cost to provide structural eng. services to review
the drawings to ensure it has been done right. A complete set of drawings
is available. Construction cost of facility is roughly $30 million US. It
seems that peer review is very popular in the CA area according to threads
I have read on the list. It is not so normal in my area. Is there a typical
percentage fee used for this kind of work.

David Handy, P.Eng
Ontario, Canada