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Re: Computer model with tension only bracing??

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     IF guy wires are employed, the equilibriated state will give points of
inflection where the guys are attached.  If gravity loading is >> than
lateral then you could design the diagonals as tension members according to
the sign of curvature between the guys.  You may have to prescribe the signs
by inducing the bending by designing and employing semi-fixed and
semi-flexible connections at the inflection points.

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Date: Thursday, October 07, 1999 4:13 PM
Subject: RE: Computer model with tension only bracing??

>I am sorry, I don't mean to be harsh, but your question is very vague.
>1. You want to model a tower using tension only bracing.
>2. You also like to know how to stabilize a symmetrical structure with
>symmetrical gravity loading. What does this mean?
>As for your first question, I suggest that unless you have a good reason to
>do tension only, and the structure will be detailed to function as tension
>only, don't bother with tension only problem. Just let the structure
>function naturally.
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>Subject: Computer model with tension only bracing??
>I want to make a computer model of a tower, as truss members, with tension
>only diagonal bracing.  If the structure is symmetrical, how do I make the
>model stable with symmetrical gravity loading only?
>Patrick Ebner