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Re: Concrete in wall, what for?

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Robert Rollo wrote:

rigid - ify the diapragm/shear wall for deflections? as long as it stays in plane, 3 1/2" concrete slab is a pretty good diaphragm/shear wall.  anyone think it would really work ?

or perhaps for additional support for the driver that always seems to miss the opening ? kindof like a built in bollard ? :-)

I'm guessing (I admit it); but reasoning, in this case, from the "concrete" to the "abstract", perhaps it's to add additional weight to counteract uplift.  I know it can be a problem frequently that there is not
sufficient mass (or weight) in a footing or foundation to take the uplift of a fully rated holdown.

But then, how close to the beach did you say it was?  Maybe it's the anchor?

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