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Re: Completly shearing a building (also answertoperforatedshearwalls)

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Lynn H wrote:

Our office also usually completely sheaths all
exterior walls with plywood.  However, plywood is
NOT a waterproofing element.  I don't know who told
you this, but it certainly is not true.

Depends, perhaps, on what the meaning of KNOT is. . . .

If the plywood has exterior glue, seems to me the glue is providing a moisture barrier, while the wood provides a "condensing" surface.  If the seam joints were caulked or sealed, how would the interior conditioned space know whether there was "building paper" or "tyvek" or even cladding on the exterior?  I believe the origin of building paper was to keep the "wind" out more than the water.

In any case, here in the Pacific Northwest, we build a lot of houses in the rain and cover them with plywood.  And if you are on the "inside", you do not get wet.

PS:  Makes a hulluva good boat, too!

James Bela
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