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Re: Seismic zones and design values in Mongolia

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

The 1997 UBC has seismic zones for countries around the world.
Unforunately, the closest that I could find was Beijing in China, which is
still QUITE a distance from Ulaan Baatar.  Beijing is classified as a zone
4 in the 1997 UBC.

Sorry that I could not help more.



   Contact David Swartz of the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, CA.  I believe they have done some seismic hazard studies in Mongolia; and, if anyone can help, Ghengis Khan!

James Bela

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At 06:13 AM 9/23/99 +0800, you wrote:
>I am assisting with a design study for a gold plant to be constructed near
>Mongolia's capital Ulaan Baatar.
>I have requested Russian standards, and are very slowly obtaining
>information, which then requires translation.
>What I urgently require, in English, is an indicative assessment of
>seismicity, perhaps as compared to the US code, or NZ code.  Knowing what
>the basic horizontal coefficient for elastically responding structures is
>will help me in preparing cost estimates.
>Can anyone help, or connect me to someone that could?  Any advice is greatly
>Dave Meney
>Yenem Engineering Services
>54 John Street
>Gooseberry Hill WA 6076