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more engineer humor

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This is one of my favorites.....

It is the French revolution. A thief, a priest, and an engineer were
brought before the people's court and sentenced to death on the
guillotine for their supposed crimes. Come execution day the courtyard
in the middle of the town is filled with people surrounding the
guillotine, which sits high upon a platform, and awaiting the
executions. The three are brought to the base of the platform and the
priest is chosen to go first. As they are preparing him, the priest asks
for one last favor. " I would like to be placed upon the guillotine face
up, for I am innocent of these charges and I wish to look upwards to
heaven to see my Maker as I die. For he will surely welcome me into
heaven."  The executioner sees nothing wrong with this and grants him
his request. A hush falls over the crowd and the rope, which releases
the blade, is pulled.....Nothing happens, the blade stays fixed and does
not drop!.....The crowd is stunned for a brief moment and then breaks
out in a shout. "Let him go, let him go, he must be innocent," they
cried. So they let the priest go. Next it?s the thief's turn. Thinking
to himself, "what can it hurt?", he also requests to be placed face up
so that he too can see God, for he is also innocent of the charges. The
thief is placed face up in the guillotine. Once again nothing happens
when the rope is pulled. Again the crowd shouts for his release and the
thief is let go. The engineer has been watching all of this with a very
puzzled look upon his face. As he is walking up the stairs to take his
turn, he looks up again at the guillotine, suddenly his eyes light up
and he shouts, "Hey, wait a minute, I see what the problem is!"

Bruce Westermo