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Re: Salary Survey - The FEE or not the FEE

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Roger Turk wrote:

 Don't we (engineers) also have this problem, say, when we see a Broadway production, and remark about  how talented the actors and actresses were and how beautiful the production
and the set was?  Who produced the set?  The set designers.  Do we demand that they get as much recognition as the actors and actresses on stage?  Do we demand that the set designers get paid as much as the actors and actresses on stage?  I doubt that we do and why?  I think that it is because there is no direct contact between these behind-the-scenes people and the audience.
The actors and actresses performances impact on the individual directly, the efforts of the behind-the-scenes people do not.

We structural engineers are support people and our participation is not recognized until something falls down.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona So then, in the Hamlet of Tucson . . .

    "An engineer is but a walking shadow,
        a poorly paid player that uses struts, collectors,
     And frets his hour upon the Stage, and then is heard of no more --
        (unless the Stage falls down!)

    It is a woefully underpaid tale,
    Told by an Architect,
        full of construction sound and concrete slurry . . .
    With a sum signifying nothing?

The whole world's a Stage, and we build them both!

The Fee, or not the Fee?  That is the Question!

James Bela

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