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RE: Steel frame wind resistance

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Utilize the block as shear walls by attaching it to the floor diaphragms.
This may reduce and/or eliminate the moment connections required.

William J. Keil, P.E.

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Subject: Steel frame wind resistance

What is the general consensus on framing systems to resist wind loads on
low rise steel frame buildings (2 to 3 stories)? Since x-bracing is usually
difficult to place in the walls due to openings, my firm has been using
moment connections at each beam to column connection. The moment connection
consists of angle clips top and bottom of each beam in addition to the
shear connection. This seems expensive. The wind load is usually 25 psf and
the exterior walls are brick with block backup. The block backup is
anchored to the steel. Any other ideas?
Randy Diviney
Structural Engineering Dept.
Hayes Large Architects
Altoona, Pa