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Re: Composite (Steel Beam to Concrete Slab) Beams

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I would second the recommendation for RAM International.  You can get
either the full RAMSteel product that will essentially do the whole
building (you layout the floors in a CADD like interface including
specifing loads, decking, etc and then it can design the gravity members
and the lateral members IF you also purchase RAMFrame...note that I am not
quite sold on RAM Frame yet...we have it in our office, but I haven't
really used it yet) or you can get RAM Beam to do single beams.  In either
case, you can specify for the composite members to be designed per ASD or
LRFD.  They also provide excellent technical support. 

I will add the usual disclaimer...ALWAYS use computer programs with extreme
care.  One should always perform some manual checks of computer output.


At 10:13 AM 10/11/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Can anyone recommend software for steel composite beams per LRFD? I know
>Enercalc has one for ASD but not for LRFD. If you could eleborate on your
>comments by stating what is good & bad about the programs, I'd appreciate
>it. Thanks in advance.
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