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Two Spreadsheet Questions

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I need some help. Here are two problems that I need to resolve and I could 
use some advice from you spreadsheet experts out there.

Problem 1: I want to find the maximum and minimum values for a column of 
numbers and wish to ignore all zero values. In otherwords, how do I find the 
minimum values of all numbers in a list greater than zero?

Problem 2: When creating a chart that draws the perimeter of a building from 
the coordinate input the starting point and ending point are the same. 
However, if there are more values in the column than are needed, the excess 
values are left simply as zeros.
When charting from my input, the last point entered is connected back to the 
origin on the graph. I wish to have it ignore the zero values and graph only 
the values that start and end on the same point.
Can anyone help me on these two problems????

Dennis Wish PE