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Re: Two Spreadsheet Questions

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You should be able to do prob 1 using nested condition statements ...
probably 2 also.

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Subject: Two Spreadsheet Questions

> I need some help. Here are two problems that I need to resolve and I could
> use some advice from you spreadsheet experts out there.
> Problem 1: I want to find the maximum and minimum values for a column of
> numbers and wish to ignore all zero values. In otherwords, how do I find
> minimum values of all numbers in a list greater than zero?
> Problem 2: When creating a chart that draws the perimeter of a building
> the coordinate input the starting point and ending point are the same.
> However, if there are more values in the column than are needed, the
> values are left simply as zeros.
> When charting from my input, the last point entered is connected back to
> origin on the graph. I wish to have it ignore the zero values and graph
> the values that start and end on the same point.
> Can anyone help me on these two problems????
> Thanks
> Dennis Wish PE